The great sage Patanjali is a mystical august personality in the realm of spiritual lore.Though seemingly paradoxical, he is very sagacious, fully scientific in his attitude, preaching all along the message of love and dedication. He gives equal importance to endeavour and dedication, prayer and vigorous efforts for practising yoga. He says that those who want to go beyond the mind, i.e., those who want to restrain the movements of mind need practice and non-attachment : `yogascittavrttinirodhah'; `abhyasavairagyabhyam tannirodhah'. According to Maharsi Patanjali, the attainment of yoga state, the realisation of self is possible only through sincere and tenacious journey for a long time toward your goal: `sa tu dirghakala-nairantaryasatkarasevito drdhabhumih'.
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Yog Darshan Hindi Maharishi Patanjali

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