दूध मलाई व् जड़ी - बूटियों से निर्मित

For soft, beautiful and attractive skin

त्वचा को बनाये खुबसूरत, कोमल और आकर्षक 

Made from natural oil base, zinc oxide, milk cream and extract of aloe vera which cleanses gently, nourishes and revitalizes the skin tissues, makes the complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful.

Uses : Useful in wrinkles, rejuvenating and glorifying the skin.

Method of use : Rub on wet body surface while taking bath.

Composition : Each 10 gm contains

दूध - मलाई10 mg
घृतकुमारी स्वरस10 mg
शुद्ध सुहागा20 mg
यशद भस्म50 mg
स्फटिक भस्म10 mg

Made In Bharat

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Saundarya Cream Body Cleanser

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